If you already have videos on Vimeo, no need to re-upload them, simply sync Uscreen to Vimeo, this saves you time to have to re-upload all your content.

The videos will be available for as long as you maintain your Vimeo subscription.

• From Uscreen, choose Content menu on the lefthand toolbar.

•  Click on the Sync button.  Click on the Vimeo tab of the popup.

•  Open a new browser tab.  The next step is to get your account token from Vimeo by 'creating an app' (filling out 3 fields in a form).  Note that you'll need to maintain the Vimeo Pro subscription for sync to work.

•  Go to https://developer.vimeo.com/apps/new.  And fill in the form.

•  After submitting the form choose Authentication.

•  Choose the appropriate access level checkboxes (public, private, purchased, edit, and interact) on your token.  And choose Generate Token.

•  Copy your token.

• Paste your token to Uscreen and press Sync now.

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