If you already have Wistia, no need to re-upload all your files, simply sync your Wistia account with Uscreen.

The videos will be available for as long as you maintain your Wistia subscription.

• From Uscreen, choose Content menu on the lefthand toolbar.

•  Click on the Sync button.  The popup defaults to the Wistia tab.

•  Open a new tab.  The next step is to get your account details from Wistia.  It's important that this is the account owner and not a sub account as the information will not be available.

•  On the Wistia tab hover over the Account menu then click Settings.

•  You'll see a menu on the right called Advanced.  Click on the sub menu called API Access.

• Copy the Publisher API key and paste into Uscreen's Wistia API Key field.

• Now choose a collection within Wistia.  You'll copy the code to the right of the last '/' (forward slash) and paste this in the Uscreen Wistia Project ID field.

• Press Sync now.

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