If your looking to fully customize the theme in Uscreen and have no familiarity with HTML/CSS, then we have a set of developers who are affordable and can assist you.

Uscreen is built similarly to any other platform on the market, such as Wordpress and Shopify, where any advanced modifications to your website/theme need to be done via HTML/Liquid templates. This is the only way to modify the themes extensively to your liking. Our recommendation is for you to hire a web developer to help you with this setup - the developers listed below are both affordable and very familiar with Uscreen’s systems.  

It’s important to know that the below are just suggestions. You can always hire your own developer on the open market and ask them if they know HTML and Liquid templates, since this is all that is required to work on Uscreen.  Developers can really customize your look and feel further and build custom build-outs for you. Its also our recommendation that if you are just starting out, you start with the basic themes available without any customization, then customize further as you move forward.

Developers located in the USA -
Rates vary from $25-$100/hour.

HindSite Interactive - www.hindsiteinc.com
Contact - Payman
Email - payman@hindsiteinc.com
TinkerGraphics - www.tinkergraphics.com
Contact - Mark
Email - mark@tinkerwebdesign.com
AppSha - www.appsha.com
Contact - Sharad
Email - sharad@appsha.com 

UpWork Developers - Located globally.
Rates vary from $10-$45/hour.

Go to www.upwork.com and setup an account and hire one of these developers if your looking for very affordable rates from freelancers -

FIVRR Developers - 

Ibrahim - https://www.fiverr.com/ibrahimkhan000 - Located in Pakistan Email him at ibrahimkhan102@gmail.com

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