Here are some commonly used terms within the platform.

Affiliate - An affiliate is somebody who chooses to market an Offer from a link you provided for them for a percentage of sale or commission.

Offers - Offers is located under Sales on the left menu. Offers is how you package your content for sale. One example of an offer is a one-time sale of your program or recurring/subscription offer, rentals, or even a free or private offer, or all of them packaged together. The sky's the limit with offers, they are very flexible. You can mix and match any program or series or programs with any offer type.

Program - In our platform, we refer to a program as the actual "product" you want to sell. The program can include 1 piece of content like a video, or many files.. For example, a program can include just 1 video like if you have a film, or it can include a series of videos organized by chapters, or a video and a PDF or other digital content such as Audio, Excel sheets, and more. A very easy to use chapters menu will help you organize your programs to improve the viewer's experience. You have a lot of flexibility in how you organize your programs & content. Please refer to this article to learn more about organizing your content.

Publisher Admin Area - This is your main backend admin area where you will upload content, add videos, organize your chapters, set up your complete storefront, themes, affiliates, and much more. This is what your currently logged into right now to setup your account.

Themes - A beautiful template that you choose by going to Customization > Store, which already has a predefined look & feel so you can immediately launch your video website. You can also customize this theme by going to Store > Customization > Source Code (icon).

User - A user is an active user who has access to your content. We do not count inactive users against your quota, so if they have an account but do not have access to any piece of content, they are not counted against your quota.

Web Hooks - A web hook is a piece of data that is sent when triggered by an action. Various applications use web hooks. In the case of our platform, we can send an event such as a user signup to any external system, such as Salesforce. So when a user signs up, this event can be sent to Salesforce or MailChimp as a new subscriber.

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