Setting up a custom domain allows users to see your Uscreen content on your own website.  You may choose to have Uscreen be your entire website or use a subdomain like or

Setting up a custom domain requires editing some settings on your hosting provider but the process is similar across the different providers.

Click on your host name or read the general instructions.

General instructions:
•  Login to your hosting provider and look for DNS settings.  You can search in your hosting providers help to find where this is located.
•  Once you've found the DNS settings page make the following changes:
•  Add a new CNAME record.
•  The host name will be your custom subdomain like tv, courses, or www.
•  The points to, target, or value field (called different among providers) should be set to .
•  TTL is optional and stands for time to live.  Choose the lowest setting if this field is available.  
•  On Uscreen admin choose Settings and scroll to Custom Domain Name field.  Enter your custom domain here and click Save.

One last step - You'll want to setup forwarding so if someone types instead of it still goes to your website.  Choose the forwarding menu and set whatever address you used ie and 301 redirect.

You're all set.  In can take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

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